Real Estate Agents–Going Green and Paperless

real estate agents paperless

If you wanted to sit behind a desk all day, you probably wouldn’t be in real estate. If you love the freedom in creating your own schedule and building a personal real estate brand “pushing papers” is not your forte. No matter how advanced our industry gets there are some tasks that require paper; the good news is, we have the option to go paperless.

When showing a home the Agent Full Report from MLS is necessary. Instead of wasting ink and energy download a program called, CutePDF. Cute PDF is a FREE PDF converter that will display like a printer, but offers the flexibility of transforming a document into a PDF that can be sent to Dropbox or Box for easy viewing on an iPhone or iPad.

This is one of three ways shared with the real estate community on the National Association of Realtors website, by real estate broker and technology geek Subhi Gharbieh. To learn more paperless options read the full article here: Going Paperless: 3 Ways to Get Started


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